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If you look up Tritrance, you will not find us grooving to a beat in a club. Tritrance is also not an underground music cult. What you will find, however are man and drone.

At Tritrance, we shoot. Not black bucks and horned rhinos but simply that which the naked eye usually doesn’t get to see. Aerial, terrestrial, marine. Heights, depths, rotations, tilts – the whole unconventional shebang! Rolled up into unhindered, visually stimulating footage! Being as we are, filmmakers, with over six years of experience, we aim to please and shoot to thrill

Enough said, we’ll let our visuals do the talking!

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do
– Rumi



Aerial Cinematography & Aerial Photography

Imagine shooting a car chase sequence alongside the mountains..

After movies

We help capture and immortalise events into crisp..

Commercial work

We do commercial work like ads and commercial photography too.

Trip Eye

Trip Eye captures the travel experience from the travellers’ perspective..

Our Clients


Who wants a crane, jib or zip line when we can fly in just minutes?

Our swift setup, coupled with expert flying skills and dedication to get that perfect shot, makes us sought-after.

Our ability to take off from a tiny boat in the middle of a river, flying low altitudes, straight out of a balcony, manoeuvring through trees, and doing it in style, creates unparalleled visual perspectives.

My soul is in the sky

William Shakespeare

The secret to success is to know something that nobody else knows


We are based out of Bangalore and travel all around on work.
If you have a project you would like to discuss, reach out to us.

for some coffee and conversations over work!



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